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7 Summer Activities in Churchill

7 Summer Activities in Churchill

1. Go on a Polar Bear Tour

Churchill is the Polar Bear Capital of the World, and, while summer isn’t the best time of year to see polar bears, it’s not impossible to find them in the wild. Stay at Lazy Bear Lodge and take their eight-hour boat excursion to find them on the shores of Hudson Bay.

2. Visit the Ithaca Shipwreck

Shipwrecked in 1960, the Ithaca is an iconic view while driving down Polar Bear Alley. Its carcass can be seen from kilometres away. During low tide, you can even walk right out to it. Be sure to have a trained bear guard with you if you do venture out here as this area is notorious for polar bears. They can come out behind a rock any time.

3. Chase the Aurora Borealis

Rent a car and drive 10 minutes out of town, staying up until the early hours of the morning  to chase the Northern Lights! Be sure to stay in your vehicle unless you have a bear guard with you.

4. Kayak with Beluga Whales

Kayak in the mouth of the Churchill River with these gentle white ghosts gliding under and around you. A few curious whales will pop their heads out of the water next to you, and some of the more daring ones will give your kayak a little nudge from behind as they glide in your wake.

5. Visit the “Polar Bear Jail”

Take a trip just outside of town to the world’s only polar bear jail. Bears that wander a little close to town too frequently, as well as repeat offenders, are put in here for up to a month to condition them to think that it's a bad thing to go near the town. Once they’ve “finished their time,” they are flown an hour north by helicopter and dropped off to continue their life normally.

6. Visit all of the Churchill Murals

Throughout the Churchill area, there are dozens of stunning murals on businesses, abandoned buildings and workplaces. The bold and colourful artwork brightens up what could be a very industrial-looking town. Be sure to see the ones a little further afield too, especially on the old rocket research range building.

7. Get your passport stamped

Take your passport to the post office to get the famous Churchill polar bear stamp! (If you’re a frequent traveller, get it stamped on a partially used page to save wasting a full page.)

Written in partnership with Travel Mindset and Travel Manitoba. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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