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Canadian photographers you need to be following on Instagram!

Canadian photographers you need to be following on Instagram!

Hey everyone, @calsnape here! It's no secret that Canada holds a lot of talented people within it. From coast to coast there are photographers focusing on all different genres of photography.

I wanted to share some Canadian photographers that are truly creative in their field, that strive for professional growth, that create meaningful and powerful photos. These aren't people you'll find posing wrapped in blankets, holding their hat in the same pose in every other photo or manipulating their work with fake skies. These are people reaching for originality and pushing boundaries in their work.

It's a long list but I highly recommend following everyone on here. In no particular order, here they are:

Robin O'Neill

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Jeremy Koreski

Elizabeth Gadd

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Shayd Johnson

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Adam Hill

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John Marriott

Topo Films

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Bruin Alexander

John Price

Austin MacKay

Jaclyn Tanemura

Lucas Murnaghan

Taylor Burk

Paul Nicklen

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Kael Rebick

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Alen Palander

Jason Darr

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Stevin Tuchiwsky

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Viktoria Haack

Mike Seehagel

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Katie Goldie

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Sarah Lyndsay

Erik McRitchie

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Nathaniel Martin

Caley Vanular

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Peter McKinnon

Rebecca Simrose

Jake Dyson

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Sam Kolder

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Joel Robison

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Jamie Out

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Zack Melhus

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Dave Brosha

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Reuben Krabbe

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Jesse Driftwood

Marshal Chupa

Davey Gravey

Reid Valmestad

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Chris Istace

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Michael Overbeck

Scott Bakken

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Tom Cochrane

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If you're still reading this far down, thanks for taking the time to check out Canada's talented photographers! If you're not already following my work, you can do so below.

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